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164 Days

An attempt at comic making

I'm trying to make a comic (again). Properly this time.


Q: What the heck is this?
A: It's basically a journal I'm using while I try to make a comic. Don't expect regular update schedules or finished pages right now. It you're interested in design and planning or want to share your own experiences with me, this might be more your kind of thing.

Q: So what's the story meant to be about?
A: After his brother vanishing a year ago, Wil has been looking for him, with the aid of some odd friends that he picked up along the way. However things don't exactly turn out the way he imagined. Set in a steampunk inspired world where Science and Magic clash ideologically, and mysterious little girls turn up in your life and say cryptic things about your brother.

Q: Why do you keep redoing things?
A: Because I'm learning all the time! And I want to put my experiences into practise.

Q: What are you using?
A: Photoshop, and mech pencil, mostly.

Q: Your character names are weird.
A: I know!